College Talk Thursdays: Braces are popular


I got my braces the month before I started my freshman year of college. I thought I was to old and would be one of the few college students who had braces. I was so wrong! The number of fellow students that I see on campus is very high. Some got their braces in high school while others got them during college. It’s common for people to get their braces later in life due to have the money to afford braces and having better dental insurance.

Braces are very popular on campus. Having braces make a good conversation starter. Ask simple questions such as how much longer until your braces come off, do you like having braces, or when did you get them?. You can also comment on the color of their bands and share your experience with having braces or wearing rubber bands. This conversation can lead to you making a brace face friend or two.

There is no need to feel as if you will be the only on campus with braces.

Braces Update #9

Sorry, its been a while since I did an update.

Nothing major has happened besides I wear my rubber band in a triangle instead of a square. I am hoping that by my next appointment I will no longer have to wear rubber bands. They can be annoying and uncomfortable at times. My wires have moved more and faster which, causes them to poke my gums more often.

My next appointment will consist of getting X-rays done and repositioning any necessary brackets.

A social media clown? Meet Wasco

Source: Twitter/RealWascoClown

Source: Twitter/RealWascoClown

I stumbled upon a BuzzFeed article about a clown using social media to document his whereabouts. Wasco is going around Wasco and other Southern California towns having pictures of himself taken by his wife. His identity is unknown but he has spoken to local media, explaining that this is a photo project his is doing with his wife. Local police have started an investigation to see if Wasco have committed any crimes. Wasco have started a trend and other copycats are doing the same thing.

In my opinion, Wasco seems harmless. By standers have complained that the presence of the clown is bothering them. Ill admit if I seen a random clown on the street I would be taken back. But if I seen the clown just having their photo taken and not bothering others, I would not have a problem.

Wasco and his wife art project is a good example of the influential power of social media. The couple was not doing this to start a trend, they were doing this to complete an photo project. But, the influential power of social media cannot always be predicted. If social media users see something occurring and they want to be a part of it, they will find away. Thus, users who found what Wasco was doing as being cool and fun, went out an did the same. It only takes a few social media users to do an act before it becomes a trend.

Another example found here is utilizing the timing when doing a social media project/campaign. Wasco Clown first appearance was made earlier this month. At the end of this month is Halloween. The timing is perfect. Clowns in October? Makes perfect sense. As seen on Wasco’s Facebook, there is already followers who are making their version for an Halloween costume.

Wasco is also on Instagram and Twitter. 

College Talk Thursday: Parties


The one thing in college that gets a lot of students in trouble is parties, both academically and legally.

Academic Trouble

Partying too much or too hard can cause you to miss classes and neglect assignments. This can further lead to failed classes and bad grades. Too many of those and you can be asked to leave.

Legal Trouble

Lets be honest. College students drink regardless if they are the legal drinking age. If you are caught drinking underage, you could get fined or go to jail. Graduating college with a criminal record is not a good look.

There is nothing wrong with attending college parties. Just make sure you are not partying more than you are studying. Also there is no need to party every weekend.

Finding Your Inner Peace

I am on a journey to find my inner peace. I want to be at a place in life where I am at peace. I’m getting closer to finding this place. Being at peace in life makes your life so much better and life less stressful.

Source: DeviantArt

Source: DeviantArt

The first step to finding inner peace is getting rid of the negativity and the toxic people out of your life. With no negativity and toxic people in your life, there will be more room for peace in your life.

The second step is to be positive. Being positive includes having a positive outlook on life and always having positive thoughts no matter than situation. Being positive allows you to remain at peace.

The third step is always practicing the first two steps.

After finding your inner peace, you have to maintain it.

Best birthday to date

I recently celebrated my birthday (Oct 3). I celebrated with friends. Its was a three day celebration. I really enjoyed myself and had a good time. This was one of my best birthdays so far.

For one,  I am in a good place in life for my age.

Two, I woke up in my own place.

Three, I actually celebrated my birthday. As I got older, I started celebrating my birthday less and less. Im proud of myself for actually celebrating this year.

Four, I am at a happy place in life and celebrating another a year of living highlights is a perfect way of showing how happy I am.