College Talk Thursday: Online College Courses


This summer I am taking two courses online through my college. Just like college takes a certain discipline, so does online college courses. Online college courses takes a different self-discipline.


  • There is no class time.
  • You have to be self-disciplined because there will not be a class where the professor tell you when something is due soon.
  • You have to learn to pace yourself.
  • You have to some what teach yourself the material.
  • Minimum to no interaction with others.


  • Work at your own pace.
  • No scheduled class meeting.
  • More flexibility in scheduling work and other activities.
  • Only need an internet connection and computer.
  • Great for those who need to stay at home.
  • Great for those who do not like interacting with others.

What are some pros and cons of online college courses that you have?

Business 101: Website and Email

Here are my thoughts on businesses.


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Every business should have a website of some sorts. Websites are free to make, owning the domain is what cost. But the cost of a domain is not as expensive as it seems.

When I am looking for a specific type of business, I will only consider those who have websites. Why? Because most of the time, the information I need I can find on their website. A business with a website gives me a picture of what to expect before I use their services. There is something about a business having a website that makes it more legit.

Businesses should have at least an email. Again, emails are free. Contact forms are good but having a direct email is good for those who want to use that option.

It’s 2014, every business should really have an email and a website, especially those selling products. On Instagram there a ton of online based sellers. I often see products I want to buy but for my safety concerns I will not. I do not want an email invoice, I want to go to the website to place my order. If the business does not have a website, I will find the similar product on a website that does.


Dai’s Writer Diary: 4/15/2014


As I am finishing up my first draft, one more section to go, I realize my novella is more like a “mini novella”. I will release the entire “mini novella” for FREE on my blog. I haven’t decided if I will publish one section a day or just release it all on one day. I thought the “mini novella” would be longer but as I am finishing the first draft, I realize it will not be that long. I am okay with the length because I have written what I wanted to say. I can’t wait for everyone to read what I have worked on these past months.

Once I finish this “mini novella”, I will be working on my next writing project. My next writing project will be my memoir in a form a guide for other teen moms. I am really excited to start working on this and release it for other teen moms to read and hopefully be inspired. I can’t wait to start working on this, I have so much I want to cover and talk about. But I want to finish my current writing project first. I am glad that I did this because the writing process will help me with the guide and other future books.

With that being said, the release date has move up to Summer 2014. A more exact release date will be announced soon.


New Business Cards

I had buyer’s remorse about my first set of business cards. I felt they were lacking important information about who I am and what I do. I decided to not get new ones until I launched my portfolio site. I finally launched my portfolio site and decided to get new ones.

For the new ones I wanted to make sure they had titles (freelance blogger and writer) and separate contact info for my blog and portfolio site. I love my new ones so much more than my old ones.


I suggest that everyone get a business card of some sort. How embarrassing is it to network with someone, they hand you a business card and you write your name and number  on a napkin?  Business cards are inexpensive. There are many websites that have templates for you to use and will print and mail them to you for a cost. I use Vista Print for my business cards. You can also by business card paper and print them yourselves.


College Talk Thursday: Refund Checks


Refund check is the difference between financial aid and cost of the semester. If your financial aid exceeds the cost of the semester’s bill than you will receive the difference via check, debit card, or bank account (depending on your school and refund preference). When you will receive the check depends on your when your college disburse the funds. Some colleges disburse the funds two weeks before the semester begins, the first day of the semester, or mid semester.

Community colleges tend to hold the funds longer than universities to make sure the student is going to school for school and not the check.There are some people who will only enroll in classes to get a refund check. Authorities are working hard to crack down on those who do this. It is unfair to the students who need the funds to attend college.

Refund checks are distributed once per semester unless you drop or withdraw from a class.

A refund check can range from a few dollars to thousand of dollars. For some students this is how they support themselves through out the semester. It is important to budget and spend your refund check responsibly.


{Poetry}: “Broken Transportation” by Daizchane Baker

Here is a poem I wrote for my creative writing class


I am not like other cars.

I have a mind of my own.


I may get you to your destination but your asking for too much,

if you expect from me to get you back.


I will break down when you least expect.

When I break down it wont be a minor fix.

I will bleed you dry of your money,

until you cant afford to pay for any more repairs.


I am unreliable.

Every time you go to start the car,

you will be sure to say a little prayer.

When I start don’t get too happy.

Because I may not get you to your destination.


I am a bloodsucker.

I love making you spend your money.

Soon enough you may realize that I am a lost case.

No matter how much money you put into me
I will always need something to be repaired.


So get wise and get rid of me.

Are you not tired of me?

I am tired of you keeping me alive.


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