Oily Skin Problems

Having oily skin has its share of problems. I have oily skin type. My face is always oily. I have yet to find a face wash that works well and does anything to help keep the amount of oil down. My spots with the most oil is my forehead and nose, also known as the t-zone. Since I have oily skin I am prone to having regular break outs. Since middle school, I have went through my share of face washes and none of them have done what I am looking for. I want a face wash to minimize the amount of oil on my face while not drying it out. I would this would be easy to find but no it’s not. Face washes works well for the first two weeks and then it stop works. Thankfully, there are a lot of make up and facial cleansers that are oil free. Having oily skin really sucks.

Source: Deviantart

Source: Deviantart

-My ramble for the day.

Its not about what happen but how you respond afterwards


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Here is another one of my life philosophies. I’m starting to think In am developing a secret love for philosophy, I may need to take a philosophy class or two. When something happens that can possibly change the course of your life or creates a road block in your life, how you respond afterwards is crucial. It’s okay to throw yourself a pity party, we are humans after all with emotions. But it’s not okay to continue to live in your pity party. Throw the party and get yourself together. Come up with a new plan and move forward. Life is rough and there will always be bumps in the road but if you want to stay on top, you need to respond in a smart way. Sometimes replanting is necessary don’t let a bad situation hold you back.

My Package Nightmare

Source: PIxabay

Source: PIxabay

I recently moved into my first apartment. I was shopping online and purchased two textbooks and a phone case. Well after the packages was shipped, I realized that I put the wrong apartment number. In fact I put an apartment number that did not exist. I did this for all three packages. Thus my nightmare begin. A package’s address usually can not be changed after it enters the post office system which left me with a big headache. 

Package #1- There was an delivery attempt but since the address did not exist it was stamped return to sender. I was able to retrieve the package after several phone calls and trips to the post office.

Package #2 and #3- The mailman was notified of my mistake and delivered these as they arrived to my mailbox. 

Retrieving package #1 was the hardest since it could not be found and was being prepared to be returned. The other two was no trouble at all because the mailman had been notified. 

Lesson: Triple check the shipping address. 

The mistake I made was typing apartment 391 instead of 321.

Homework Focus

Fall semester is in full swing which means there will be a lot of homework and studying to do. I am taking five classes with heavy work loads. I did not know that the combination of classes I choose would give me such a demanding schedule but oh well. I need all of these classes in order to graduate. So at some point I would have needed to take them. Next time I should just do more research and try to choose a combination that is not so demanding. 

Classes started this past Wednesday and I am already swamped with homework. I had a ton of reading and mini assignments to do in each class. The assignments is also do this week. So my weekend was consumed with doing homework.

Source: Deviant Art

Source: Deviant Art

The problem is not getting the homework done but keeping my focus on my homework. I get distracted easily and my attention switches between many things. I can’t focus long enough to complete assignment in a timely manner. My lack of keeping focus causes homework assignments take much longer than necessary. I have tried different tricks and tools to help keep my attention focused on my completing my homework.  

It may take me longer to complete homework assignments be in the end I get them done. Hopefully, I can figure out a way to keep my focus on doing my homework soon. 

Buckets of ice and social media, the recipe for success

Videos of people partaking in the ALS ice challenge across all the popular social network are appearing. ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a “progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord” (ALSA.org).  Two ALS patients Pete Frates and Pat Quinn started the challenge by challenging their friends on their social media sites to partake in the ice bucket challenge. People participating in the challenge is supposed to record themselves getting buckets of ice thrown on them. Participants are also supposed to challenge others and make a donation to an ALS foundation.

Using social media to help promote a charity’s fundraiser is a popular thing. But the ALS ice challenge has taken a whole new meaning of the use of social media for charities. The ALS association  has reported having a “fourfold increase in donations” than last year. This social media challenge has been prove to be successful. Not only have it assisted in getting more donations, it’s also has brought awareness to a cause. Celebrities have posted their ice challenge videos on their various social media profiles along with making donations. A celebrity endorsement is good for any cause. Celebrity endorsements comes with a larger audience, their fans. The ALS ice challenge will always be remembered because its one of the first social media charity challenges. ALS has given other charities and causes something to think about when it comes to incorporating social media in a fundraising campaign.

Source: ALSA

Source: ALSA

I have not done the ice challenge myself but I know several people who have participated.  Social media users like to stay on trend in take part in the latest social media challenge. One of the negatives that is coming from the ice challenge is that people are not donating but just participating. Regardless if every participant is donating money or not, they are bring awareness. Before the ice challenge there was not a lot of noise being made about ALS. With the social media challenge, ALS have been daily headlines.

This is a perfect example of how causes and charities should incorporate social media into their fundraising.


The ALS ice  challenge falls along the lines of the second quadrant of public relations, community relations as spoken about in Regina Luttrell’s Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect.  The online community through social media was able to come together and partake in a challenge to bring awareness and money to the ALS cause.  The ALS online community turned out to be bigger than expected. The ice challenge is solely online through the different social media sites where the videos are posted. The success of this challenge rested solely on their being  an online community and the offline community coming online to take part in the challenge.