And then I grew up and became an adult….

This summer marked a major milestone in my life…my first apartment. I signed my lease on August 15th. I have had adult responsibilities since I became a mother but not as many as I have now. I woke up on the 15th as a responsible adult with bills. In one day, I had a lease, Comcast, DTE Energy, renter’s insurance bills all in my name. This is on top of the car insurance and preschool tuition bills I previously had. I technically became an adult when I turned 18 last October. I had a lot of what I like to call “adult moments” but I was not feeling like a full adult.

The moment I signed my lease I felt like an adult. I am now completely responsible adult. I am responsible for me and London completely. Its up to me to provide our shelter, transportation, food, basic needs, and wants. This is challenging at times but I get the job done. Being an adult is very costly, lol! Seriously, adulthood comes with a lot of bills and a ton of responsibility. But everyone knows this already.

I enjoy adulthood. Having my own place is so peaceful. I get to make and live by own rules. Being independent is the best feeling in the world. So growing up is scary but its not the worst thing in the world. Thought of having all of these bills was scary at first and being an independent adult made me nervous but I embrace it. Adulthood is unavoidable, welcome it with open arms.

As my 19th birthday approaches (October 3rd), I am proud of where I am in life. I am a full time student and mom. I have a job, apartment, and car. I don’t like to brag about my success but reminding myself how far I have come sometimes isn’t a bad thing. I think me and adulthood is working out just fine

Teen Mom Chronicles: When having a kid there is only one option.


When you have a kid young, there is only one option…. STEP UP! But not every young mom or dad does this, they step down. Yes, having a child young does affect your life and make thing harder. No, having a child young does not end your life. If you decide to bring a child into this world, whether it is planned or unplanned than you need to step up and take care of your child. Yes this will be rough for a while until you get yourself to a better place in life. You will struggle, cry, give up and start the cycle all over again. But you will keep going on and moving forward.

You have a kid now. You are responsible for another human being. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to have a support system so you are not alone. But even if you don’t, you still have to step up. What does that mean to step up? It means to get a job (if you can or don’t already have one), finish high school, finish an higher education program or graduate from college, create a plan on how you make a better life for you and your child, and most importantly raise your child.

Do not give up on your dreams and goals. Revise them to include your child. You wanted to go to college? Thats great, still go but accept that you can’t live in a dorm and you know how to pay for daycare.

If you have a kid, you have to step up and be a parent to that child.

Studying PR as a pre-law student

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Being a pre-law student there is no “right” or “wrong” major to study during undergrad. Law schools do not require a particular major or courses in order to be admitted. Law schools choose to focus more on LSAT score and G.P.A.

Studying PR can be beneficial to an aspiring lawyer in a few ways.

You learn to write.

As lawyer you need to be able to create well-written reports. The writing needs to be clear, precise and leave no room for interpretation. PR practitioners need to be able to write also. Studying PR, you will take a lot of journalism and english classes in order to master the skill of writing.

You learn how to communicate.

As lawyer you need to be able to communicate effectively. You need to be able to get your client’s message out there. A huge part of PR is communication. While studying PR, you are…

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How to survive a PR class

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The fall semester is quickly approaching us and that means time to get back to the PR classes. Surviving a PR class is essential if you want to graduate with your PR class.

Complete the Reading.
In order to keep up with the material, it’s important that you do the readings. Majority of the information you will find in the readings will help you in your career later in life.

Draft Papers.
Allow yourself to have time to draft your paper before the final version is due. Drafting a paper will help to organize your thoughts and information.

Source: Moving Insiders

Source: Moving Insiders

Ask Questions.
If you do not understand something, ask your professor or a classmate for further explanation. Going through a semester without understanding the class’s content will only hurt your final grade.

Use your AP Style Guide.
AP Style is important for PR writing. Invest in AP Style Guide, you will use…

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News apps on cell phones to help you stay connected

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Keeping up with current events is an important task if you want to be a successful PR pro. News apps on your cell phone makes this easier to do. One of the best things about news apps is that they often contain several news outlets in one place. This is great because you no longer have to surf each news source’s website. iPhones, Androids, and Windows phone app stores contain multiple options for news apps available for download.

Source: Companion Arts

Source: Companion Arts

“News”- Windows Phone

“News” is powered by Bing. Features include picking your favorite news sources, reading the headlines, and get personalized coverage of your favorite topics.  You can download the app for free by clicking here.

“Newsify”- iPhone

“Newsify” allows you to select the news sources you enjoy reading in order for their daily stories to appear in your news feeds. This app is available for download in the iTunes

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Top five tips from Nick Synko’s presentation

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On September 16, at EMU PRSSA meeting, Nick Synko gave a presentation on career planning. Nick Synko is a career coach at Synko & Associates in Ann Arbor. Below are five of the tips he gave during his presentation.

Top five tips 

  1. Find ways to use your skill set.
  2. What makes you qualified and what makes you unique? In interview you should have three qualifications and two unique factors.
  3. Success is measured in the heart and not in the pocketbook.
  4. Love what you do.
  5. Mission + S.A.I.N.T.S= Income. Find your mission in life, apply your S.A.I.N.T.S and you should be able to make an income while doing something you enjoy.
Courtesy of Daizchane Baker

Courtesy of Daizchane Baker

Daizchane Baker

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