Self-Discovery Journey

Since high school, I have been on a journey to find myself. Who am I? Where am I going? Who do I want to be? Are the questions that I am constantly trying to answer.

Each time I feel like I’m close to knowing who I am, i discover something new that changes what I thought. My new discoveries translate to others as indecisiveness. I’ll admit I can be indecisive but not always. When an idea or thought comes my way, I sometimes just want to carry it out to see what happens. I am afraid of missing my moment because I didn’t want to do something different.

A lot of new discoveries about myself tend to be random. Like the most recent, law school. Which isn’t so random because it was a childhood aspiration.

I wonder when my journey will be finished.

Fashion Street Diaries: Big Purses


I love big purses. Being a mom and a commuter college student on the go, I need a variety of things to get me through the day. A small purse wouldn’t be able to hold everything I need to get through the day.

I over pack when I’m traveling. So it’s no surprised that I over pack on the daily basis. I can be away from home for hours at a time during a day, it’s a must that I have everything I need to get through the day. A typical long day I will leave home around 8:30/9 am and return around 1:30 am ( I know what a long day). A regular day I will leave around 8:30/9 am and return at 7ish pm. Situations occur and things go awry, I would hate to repurchase something I have already at home.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons Side-note: some day, I will have a Birkin.

My love for big purses began in middle school. It was easier to get around school with having a few school supplies or books in my purse, less things to carry. Since then I haven’t bought a small purse. Even my clutches are oversized.

Dear Diary

Writing in a diary has many benefits. I use to write in a diary back in middle school and early high school. Then I just sorted of stop. It often crosses my mind to start back writing in one.

Image source: Pixabay

I found writing in a diary, therapeutic. I am the type of person who keeps my emotions bottled up, so writing them down was often my only release. Writing in my diary was also, a way for me to sort through events and situations that occurred. Another thing I like about writing in a diary, is you could go back and re read past entries and re-visit past days of my life.

Benefits of Writing in a Diary
1) It’s an outlet
2) It’s a journal of past events
3) It’s a stress reliever
4) It helps put situations or events in context

Attach to my phone number

I have now had my cell phone number since spring 2007, over seven years. Since the seventh grade. I thought about changing my phone number before I entered college but I just couldn’t push myself to do it. Changing phone numbers is a hassle. You have to remember your new number and give out to everyone you want to have it.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Do I ever think I will change it? Only if I have to. A tiny part of me wants to change it just because I have had it so long. Deep down inside I know it’s because I am attach to my phone number.

Braces update #8

My braces have been progressing very well. I still have thirteen more months to go before they come off. I have my fingers cross that it will be sooner than that. I am ready to see my new perfect teeth. I’m still rubber bands. My teeth is use to them now, so I rarely feel any pressure. I’m loving the current color of my bands, an light green. Of course, London said to get green, so I did!

Happy Birthday, College Girl Dai

College Girl Dai has made it a year! My blog’s first year went so fast. It only seemed like a few weeks ago I started it.

This first year has been a great one. My blog has went into directions I didn’t think it would. I remember when I first started blogging, I would see posts by other bloggers that featured products that was sent them by companies. I remember thinking that looks like something I would want to do. Soon enough I was contacted by Zenni Optical and my first sponsored post was created. I didn’t think I would hit 100 followers but I did and than I surpassed it in went into the 200s and this only on WordPress. I’m not counting my followers on Bloglovin, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

I am so thankfully that I took the leap last year to start this blog, it’s one of the best things I have done. I am continuously improving the blog and making upgrades. This first year was a learning year. I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to implement. I hope to see College Girl Dai evolve as I make my journey through life.

Thank you to all of College Girl Dai’s followers and readers. It means the world to me that you enjoy reading my blog.

Image Source: Flickr